Hard water is one of the biggest water problems in central Texas.  Hard water can cause a number of issues, such as calcified bathroom fixtures and glass shower enclosures, dry skin and hair, worn clothing, spotted dishes, clogged pipes and water heaters and wear and tear on appliances.

The solution to the hard water problem is a water softening system.

The extraPURE whole house water conditioning system takes ordinary water and turns it into extraordinary water. It’s more than just a softener or a filter, it’s a water refiner. This state of the art water softening system removes hardness and reduces chlorine, metals and sediment while improving the taste and odor of your water.

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Mayday offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products in addition to the industry’s most comprehensive consumer protection package.


Our prices are up to 47% less than name brand wholesalers.  On top of that, professional installation is always included.

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Every system of custom designed and configured to meet the individual needs of your family and your home.

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– Ryan Ferguson